Children's Orthodontics

We take into account the child’s feelings, we earn their trust and cooperation and perform the treatment in a kind and ludic way. The patient is the king or queen of the clinic.


Children need braces when their teeth are not properly positioned (crowded, tilted, overlapped…) or have a dental malocclusion, which means that the size of the upper mandible is different from the inferior one, which results in overbite and underbite.

Said problems may be due to cavities, early loss of the baby teeth, accidents or bad habits like sucking on their thumb or an extended use of pacifiers.

Furthermore, if there is someone who already used braces in the family, there is a chance your children will need one as well.

  1. Do not worry if your child cries. This is their normal reaction to an unknown or feared situation. Do not tell them not to cry.
  2. In the event of a violent reaction, do not be alarmed. There is undoubtedly a reason for it, and there are always ways to solve the dental problem at hand.
  3. Never lie to your child; tell them they are going to the dentist, and make them understand that they will visit someone that is a friend to them. Explain to them that the dentist is like any other doctor, or like a teacher: a person who cares about their health and wellbeing.
  4. Let the child express their curiosity for everything they will find in the clinic; our doctors will answer all their questions.
  5. Avoid trying to control their fears. Do not tell unpleasant stories in front of your child, and do not let others do so.
  6. The best situation in the treatment is achieved when the child enters the dentist room on their own. This facilitates the relationship with the dentist.
  7. When you accompany your kid in the consultation, try not to intervene in their talk with the dentist. Children may get easily confused when several people are speaking or receiving indications from different parties, and they end up paying attention to none of them.
  8. Avoid having more than one adult accompanying your child.
  9. Allow your child to develop on their own; he will get there. The dentist is there to help them, and will ask for your collaboration if they deem it necessary.
  10. If possible, do not feed your children (biscuits, snacks, bottles) before consultation to prevent him from vomiting during the procedure.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any doubts, we will be happy to answer you.

There is not a specific age in which the kid should visit the Orthodontist for the first time. Some go when they are six, others ten, and others even well into their teenage years.

The ideal scenario is to go when there are changes on their permanent teeth.

Visiting the Orthodontist doesn’t mean that your child will wear braces immediately; we will just identify the problems, if there are any, and decide when is the ideal moment to start.

We promote the future dental health of your children by giving them indications on how to maintain their oral hygiene, encouraging good hygiene and food habits and creating friendly and fun dentist experiences.

In the waiting room we have the RomeoKids area so that they can adapt by playing games, watching their favourite cartoons or series, playing video games or using tablets and computers.

For this type of treatment, which is usually long (12/24 months), we offer payment facilities consisting of financing with easy instalments of up to 36 months.




Dr. Borja Alfaya Salgueiro


Paediatric Dentist

Dra. Viviana del Rosario Pérez



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